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Pune, a city at the confluence of the rivers Mula and Mutha has always been a leader in the field of education, as it is righteous. The name Pune is of the modern era. The name of Pune during the Rashtrkut era, as per a copper edict found in year 754 was Punyavishay.

It has been mentioned as Punawadi on the copper edict of the year 90. During the reign of sultan Kasabe, Pune had become capital of administration. During Peshave era Pune was the power centre of Maharashtra the right from the beginning, during the reign of thelikes of the Rashtratootas Sultans, Mughals, Yadavs the true centre of the power was Pune.



Considering the increasing inclination of parents towards English medium schools, the Education board has started 12 English medium schools in the year 2003. The number of English medium schools has increased to 48 now. More than 16,000 or 1,600 students learn in these schools.

For talented students, the Education Board has started Viydniketan-special schools. On 1 st July 1970, Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Viydniketan was established. Now there are 19 Vidyaniketans. After selection test of 3rd standard students, 80 students are given admission to these schools. They are trained for the primary and middle school scholarship examinations. Many of these students appear in merit lists of these examinations.These students are provides with educational aids, free bus passes and other educational assistance.

Hon. Ravindra Chaudhari(President)

On 24th Oct 2013, Mr. Ravindra Chaudhari was elected as the President of Pune School Board.

Hon. Narendra Martand Vyavahare

Interview of PMC's education board's Vice Chairman Honorable Narendra Marde spoke regarding Magazine Kalash which was published on 5th September, 2012 on the occasion of Teachers Day.

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